Thursday 2 October 2014

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Today at school it was the first october it was kind of misty outside

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It was the second day with my new class it was a pretty nice day (for me) I had D.P.A [daily physical activity] out side in the mist (I like getting wet) and it was pizza day after school (I liked going home in the rain) I made some thing on Kturtle (that was pretty awesome)... But I also got a (Dun Dun Dun) seriously it was just a headache! By the way my teacher (that I have now) is pretty nice, I used to have Mme Huffman at a french school (you probably know that because of Mme Huffman. (THIS IS A WEIRD TITLE!!!!) O.K back to the serious stuff, so it was a 99% good day at school just because of that headache!
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Why I Got A New Teacher
Well it was kind of confusing for Mme Huffman to have a grade one and two class and the principal thought it would be better to have a just grade two class and and there is one good thing and one bad thing about my class 1. my class have A WHOLE TON of windows 2. the bad thing we have cubbies [rather than lockers].

But my class is still pretty good P.S my class has NO TOYS so we don't do free time!

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  1. Eme
    I liked reading your blog. I liked knowing about your day and your new teacher. Gramma