Wednesday 1 October 2014

Actual Death... not so fun

Not too long after our latest so-called "death march" (which, while the kids complained somewhat at the time, they now look back on as "fun!" despite the wet feet), we suffered an actual death in the family. Our Aunty Belle passed away. This is no fun at all.

I say "our" Aunty Belle, because she really was just about everyone's Aunty Belle. She was Aunty Belle to us, Aunty Belle to the kids. Aunty Belle even to older family members and to many friends of the family who spent much time with her and us.

Anyhow, without going into details, this event has caused a lot of stress and commotion for all of us the last few weeks. And we're going to miss her presence greatly...

The collection of random photos we put together for her memorial are hidden behind the tricycle below...

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  1. I am pleased to have an opportunity to see these pictures.