Monday 15 September 2014

Another day, another death march...

It turned out to be such a nice day on Sunday, we could not resist exploring some more woods. We being, of course, the mean, meddling parents. The poor kids, as usual, considered the whole idea a brutal impingement on their plans of... nothing. So, terribly sorry, kids... for making your weekend EPIC!

Honestly, they loved it once they started climbing around on the rocks. The only problem was that Tiffany Falls, where the trail ends, was too close! So we decided to explore the path in the other direction. And that ended up making our little jaunt turn into about a 5 km loop.

But, we found a tennis ball. So surely that was worth it. Besides the tennis ball. We saw a dead mole. A live newt. We prodded butter-and-eggs seed pods. Got a few soakers. Were not hit by any cars (though the country road we found ourselves on, with barely an edge, was surprisingly busy for a short stretch). Scaled ravines. And were sprinkled by falls.

There may have been some sore legs and feet; some thirsty throats (some louder than others), and a wet shoe or three. But all miraculously survived, more or less satisfied, to tell the tale.

Experience all the epicness here.

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