Thursday 31 July 2014

Camp and Campy

When was it we dropped Istra off at her first overnight camp? Saturday or Sunday, or some such day? Anyhow, we got an email from the camp yesterday saying everyone is having a great time. And there are a few more days yet to go. Above you can Istra showing off her cabin... the last time we saw her.

As one might expect, she got pretty nervous when camp day arrived, and made many an attempt to get the whole crazy thing called off. But when we finally got there, and she got her bunk chosen and set up with her stuff, and (most importantly) found another girl her age (who had the bunk over her), everything was instantly good...

We can hardly wait to hear how things went from her. So many new things packed into a week. And there was a massive thunder storm in the area on her first night, too.

As for Me and Mommy, and Em... we yesterday did what some might consider the most Canadian thing possible. We actually canoed to Tim Hortens. Seriously.

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