Tuesday 3 June 2014

Riding a horse is...


"...and terrifying!"
 That's how Istra described riding a horse to me on the phone, and then I heard Emeth in the background bellow the addendum. But judging by the pictures, they did okay, and were having fun!

Anne took them to the farm where her friend, Ivonka, is hanging (and helping out) out these days, near Lindsay. There were horses and chickens and goats, with wieners roasted on a camp fire. But most exciting of all was that two of the baby goats did not have names, so each kid got to name a kid. Istra named hers "Shiggy", and Emeth named his "Fillow". I have pretty much no idea how they came up with those names.

Maybe Fillow and Shiggy, maybe not.
Here are the rest of the pictures, as taken by Gramma (who also was along for the ride)...

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