Monday 2 June 2014

A Bit of a Bike

Here's a map/profile of my bike ride yesterday. It was getting rather late in the day by the time I was able to get started. I expected it to be dark by the time I got home, but amazingly thanks to the extra long summer days, and pushing and my not-entirely-in-shape-self (to say the least), and my load being a bit lighter (lack of backpack), there was still a sliver of sun above the horizon when I got to the top of the mountain... which was glorious.

Toronto to Hamilton Lakeshore at EveryTrail

Here's my original ride, the other way, some weeks ago. That map is reasonably accurate, but that profile is all messed up due to my GPS tracker not being on the whole time, and so I had to fix up the map manually. It was my first attempt, and took me about 6 hours. The return trip above, was 5 hours. (I wasn't in Toronto all of this time, I had left my bike there and just went to pick it up and ride back this weekend.)

Here was my dinner break/knee rest... there is a little beach to the left, that appears to be made up 100% of zebra muscle shells.... which are also scattered all over, as seen beneath by bike...

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