Monday 18 March 2013

Em: The Collected Works

Blogging is so passé. Writing books is where it's at. Ask Selena. Anyhow, Emeth is all about the writing of books these days, as described in the Emeth's First Book post. Here's the other books he's lately written and published in-house.

Life Cycles: Written just a day or so after his first book, this explains in surprising detail just what it says.

Skating on Carruther's Pond: His perspective on the skating a few weeks ago. It's fun, but avoid the seas. 

March Break on 2013: Again, one-upping my blog post, here's a book on the subject. (This one is divided into chapters, and even has a table of contents!)

Istra also wrote a March Break book, but she's into the old school production methods; which are a bit slower to make their way onto the internets...


  1. you really are a prolific writer. Keep up the good work AB

  2. At last I have discovered another author I enjoy reading. This author offers the reader a marvelous insight into his world. Again I would enjoy owning a hard copy of this authors works. Keep writing! I look forward to reading more!