Thursday 7 May 2009

A preview of the new place

The park next door.
We got in to our new place-to-be on Tuesday and took some pictures to try to help us get a sense of the place, and reassure ourselves that we haven't made a terrible mistake. We realised after signing the lease that we really hadn't looked at the place very closely when we'd previously viewed it. We were overwhelmed by the convenience and novelty of the location, and such trivialities as a back door. But as we packed we started to fear: will we fit?

Well, look at the map. See the park. That park will be literally next door to us. How does a person with kids resist that alone? The park is smallish, but it is nice. There are swings, a wading pool, slides and a climbing structure. There are trees and rocks. We've spent some time hanging around that park now (see pictures), and it's well stocked with urchins, for Emeth and Istra to play with. It'll be basically our big back yard. And if one gets tired of this park, there's one about 4 times the size just one block north, overlooking the city. Yes, only one block north! And there are other interesting and significant parks not too much further, despite the intensely urban setting.

Anyhow, as I say, after signing the lease we arranged to get back in and take another look. We did reassure ourselves that there does seem to be adequate floor space. However, after drawing some rough floor plans based on some measurements I did... it's a bit scary again. There is a fair bit of space, but the space is extremely bizarre. The angles in this place have to be seen to be comprehended... and even then it's hard to comprehend even while looking at it. The strange angles and generally long narrow aspect of most rooms make it hard to imagine how furniture can be arranged. I think we'll just have to figure out out after we get in there.

We'll be moving during the last week of May... though we still don't have firm plans on how we're going to accomplish it, we will accomplish it. By June 1 we will be in the new place.

If you look at the pictures here's a quick tour...

Look out the window: there's the park!

Weird angles in the living/dining room.

Tiny little back "yard", with garden already trying to grow despite the cement tiles. (Though Selena has also already secured a plot in a (very) nearby community garden, with probably less cement tiles to work around.)

Strange little kitchen nook: more interesting strategic challenges.

Front porch is fairly large. The park just immediately to the left.

The back gate opens onto this little private court yard. Another cute element.

There's still some more work to be done on the place before we take possession. The bathroom is a mess. Some light fixtures are missing in a few places. But in three more weeks, we will begin to try to solve the puzzle of organizing ourselves into these peculiar shapes. While a bit nervous, we remain excited...

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