Sunday 3 May 2009

A first time riding a real bike outdoors ever...

We really love our bikes. Their beauty exists for us on many levels. Aesthetics. Practicality. Efficiency. Economy. Fun. Exercise. Environmental friendliness. So it was with a fair bit of excitement that we finally were able to take our kids outside on their own bikes for the first time ever in their lives.

As previously posted, we had gotten them bikes a few weeks ago. The riding has all been indoors, though, as we didn't have helmets for them. Today that last detail was remedied. And despite the periodic showers, we headed out to a nearby schoolyard for a spin..

I think everyone we passed by were stunned to see a (just turned) two year old whizzing along confidently under his own mechanical power. A few even commented on it to us. Istra, for all her loudness and bravado, turns out to be a much more cautious cyclist. She carefully gets off her bike for curbs and downward slopes. She worries about going too fast. Good for her. (And great bike clothes!) Emeth gets upset when we interfere with his heading, determinedly, towards stairs. Good for him too! (His helmet and heavily padded crotch will doubtless save him, if we aren't able to!)

We, ourselves, never would have imagined that when Istra took her first two-wheeler out that Emeth would be right behind her on his at the same time. Actually, Emeth was ahead. Mommy had to run to keep up with him sometimes. But anyhow, here we all are.

Despite having to wait out some rain under evergreen trees (and a tiny playground roof), it was a great day. And the leaves are just starting to green the skies...

(P.S. the slideshow may work better now than it has been...?)

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