Monday 27 April 2009

Emeth and Istra's new cousin

As of 3:41 in the morning on Saturday, Istra and Emeth officially have a new cousin. Congratulations, Istra and Emeth!

No, wait, congratulations are supposed to go to the new parents, Steven and Megan? Ah yes, that's right, the world doesn't revolve around Emeth and Istra. Must try to remember that. Must try.

Congratulations, Steven and Megan and little Meisie.

Meisie had a bit of a tough time making her premier appearance, but when we saw her Sunday evening she looked like she was doing very well, and planning on staying out here with us.

For those who want high-resolution images of the new peanut (or future photos of older peanuts) I wanted to relay a quick tutorial on how to download the full sized images from the new interface on the photo album linked above. When viewing a photo in the album:

  1. First get to an album index page (where you see thumbnails) by clicking the title of the album in the top right "breadcrumb" links.
  2. Now click the icon on the top left of the page that says "show sidebar" when you hover over it.
  3. From the sidebar select "Add Album to cart" (alternately, for individual pictures, you can click the shopping cart icon when viewing the individual photos you want to download).
  4. Now you'll be on the shopping cart page: notice the dropdown control that says "Cart actions" in the top right area of the screen. Click this and select "Download in Zip" and click the "Go" button.
  5. Your browser should now ask you to download or open a file called Save or open this file, and then "extract" the contents to where you want the pictures to be on your computer. Then you can delete the

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