Wednesday 21 May 2008

Vacant Carnival

The vacant carnival
Had dinner with Dean and his mom: amazing home cooked Indian cuisine. We looked at pictures of their time together in India. Though getting late, I took my borrowed bike on an adventurous route "home". As I came around one corner I went by a field in which a small carnival of rides appeared, lights flashing and blinking among the trees. I swerved in to take a look: it seemed almost surreal sitting there with pines growing up around it. It seemed even more surreal as I approached and could see that the happy place was nearly completely empty of people. Only some carnies hanging around. After a while I could make out that they seemed to be closing down all the rides. I got out my camera before letting the scene evaporate behind me. Nearby I found myself on a path through a park with an overlook at the top of a hill: below was an arboretum of trees, a pond, a bridge. Beautiful, but, alas, too dark for pictures. I found a path down, and made my way over to the Rideau Canal. There is a small manual set of locks near that point, with an old smallish tall ship docked. The locks provide a bridge over the canal. I followed the canal path through the dark back towards the university. "

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