Tuesday 20 May 2008


It's green! And rust...
Borrowed some tools from a friendly neighbour of Dean's to try to fix up an old junk bike Dean had sitting behind his place. Turns out the front wheel was too damaged to fix. Returning the tools, the friendly neighbour offers to loan me the old bike he says he'd been riding all winter. Okay! I'm in bike business.

I actually cleaned it up a fair bit... the chain and cogs mostly were all rusty grime. Works okay. The rear derailer works. Brakes are passable. I rode it back to my residence last night. I waited until someone was coming in that looked like they were going to check in, then I hurried the thing past the desk and carried it up the stairs to my 5th floor abode.

I have no lock. I'm sitting here thinking of all the places I can ride... but I have no lock, so what do I do with the bike when I get there. It's a puzzle.

Anyhow, I have a half-day tutorial to attend today... at 9am. I'd better run... If only I had a lock, i'd ride!"

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