Friday 15 February 2008

Our little Dipsy (and The Po)

Which bulbous head is not quite the same?
We thought Istra was Teletubbie-mad, but even she, at seven months old (these pictures are from just before Christmas), did not traverse unimaginable obstacles in an attempt to climb into the tele, and so (presumably) to become herself a teletubbie. Eme, on the other hand...

But actually maybe Istra is as tubbie-nutty in another way. She has, in fact, lately taken to referring to herself as "The Po". Not "Po", but "The Po". Furthermore, I have been periodically dubbed Tinky-winky. Eme becomes Dispy. And that leaves La-la for Mama. And God only knows the trouble we've had with "Tubby Custard", apparently erupting problematically all over this humble home. (Thankfully all of the invisible flavour.)

[If anyone reading isn't as intimate with the Teletubbies as they should be: Po is the red one, Dipsey is green, La-la is yellow, and Tinky-winky is the biggest, fattest, and purplest... not to mention the cutest when dressed in a tutu, and sporting a largish brightly coloured handbag.

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