Monday 11 February 2008

Snow Go

600 calories per hour?
Selena and the kids were off to Hamilton this weekend, with Whitney, so I decided to go out and visit my Mom. Selena, etc, never made it to Hamilton, but I ended up out in the snow. Kind of a funny story regarding my sister calling me while i was on the train out there. Told her I was probably going skiing with Mom. Anne says (a bit of a big inside joke), "Oh! Almost like it's her birthday or something." I laughed. Yeah. (The joke is that my mom is always telling us, for years, that instead of getting her a present for any occasion we should just go skiing with her as a present, but we so seldom do this... even when we say we're going to.) It wasn't until the next day, out at the skiing place, having just got on my skis that my mom remarks: "This could be my birthday present." Ding! It actually is my mom's birthday this week! I had not clued in at all to this fact during my sister's joke. Well... so, i accidentally ended up going skiing with my mom for her birthday. Funny, that.

Wearing my mom's spare hat... and underwear.
I lost my hat (again! second lost hat this year) while playing photographer at the WinterCity thing. Luckily my mom had a spare to lend me. Next time though, I think i'll prefer her spare fuzzy ear muffs. Wheh, that thing was a bit on the sweaty side once you got going. Oh, the underwear. Yes, she kindly advised me to wear an old set of long underwear of hers. Snug.

Well, it was quite a nice day. I don't know why we don't go skiing with my mom more often.

And she tells me that one burns 600 calories an hour on the skis, no less. "

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