Tuesday 19 February 2008


Very serious about his cake!
Click the picture for scenes from Selena (and my Mom's) birthdays, as captured by myself and Aunty Priscilla. There are a few pictures from the "traditional" Valentine's Mama's pizza party we had on the actual day; then the big family gathering on the weekend. While it was my mom and Selena's birthday, of course the kids stole the show... and as much cake and whipped cream as they could get their hands on. Emeth discovered the best technique for stealing cake: just be super cute about it and no one will stop you, no matter how big a mess you are making! A lesson for us all there for us all, no doubt.

Selena tries her hand. Not bad, Selena. Good effort. But you still have a lot to learn from Eme, I think.

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