Saturday 22 September 2007


My how fast they grow up! (As they say.) In this picture it looks like Emeth has put on a few years, in the last few days. Well, before the kids age too much more, here's a few camera recent movies for those with bandwidth to burn. Herewith we try to freeze these creatures in time.

With first frames as exciting as these, you'll no doubt want to go make some popcorn. You might want to skip the last of the three videos unless you are prepared to have your illusions of domestic baby bliss shattered! I must warn you, candid footage was captured there of Istra beeting a helpless baby to the floor, and then trying to drag off his body! It's dramatic stuff. All at the feet of the poor mother, trying herself not to watch these horrors! Just some of the every day action around here.

(And as a bonus, here are the ones Aunty Belle was looking for last time we were at her place. Over and out.)

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