Saturday 22 September 2007

Brick Works

As you know, we always take Emeth and Istra to only the best places, the newest places, the hippest places, the safest places... so, imagine our shock to find out that "The Brick Works", tucked away in a seldom visited corner of the Don Valley, isn't the quite latest in juvenile discothèque. We were tricked by hippies, I say! Ah well. It was pretty interesting actually. The old abandoned brick works is falling down, but the area around it has been turned into a natural park, with ponds and paths. The wildflowers were nice. We also discovered there's a farmer's market there on the weekends, but we missed it by a few hours. Something tells me we'll be back...

This lost pocket of Toronto is actually fairly easy for us to get to. We are able to bike to it without going on any roads, once we get going. A trail to it joins the "belt-line" rail trail, after it goes through Mount Pleasant Cemetery. The "belt-line", as you know, starts just down the street from our place. You have to cross a few roads, but there are nearby lights at all of the crossings. So, with this conveniently safe route, we biked, chariot in tow.

One of the ponds by the brick works was teaming with goldfish for some reason. Istra was quite amused: especially so when she threw a piece of wood into the water and the fish all starting going at it evidently thinking it was food. The reason I mention this, and show this picture, is that after we had gone away from the pond Istra, on finding another piece of wood, comes to me and says: "Istra find the wood. Istra maybe throw wood in water. Poppy maybe take picture of fish eating wood for Istra!" I was amazed. She's never asked me to take a picture of anything before (not to mention that this was a pretty complex sequence for her to present the request in). So naturally when we got back to the pond, I took the picture... for Istra.

(Click pic if maybe want to see set...)

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  1. That story about the wood and the fish made me cry a little. I like how she prefaces everything with "maybe". It's so innocent! She's adorable!
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