Saturday 29 September 2007


Last weekend we went to visit my Grandmother. Her 88th birthday had been during the week prior. We don't get out there very often; but then we don't get anywhere very often. We took some cookies, which is something my mom says my Grandmother particularly likes. My mom helped her to a few, as she can't really control her hands very well herself anymore. She was pretty talkative, but very few of those words were comprehensible. She tried playing with Istra and her balloon. She even attempted to give Emeth a kiss (but ended up mostly getting her nose sucked). I saw this picture hanging on the hall, which made me think it looked not unlike what Istra may look like in the future. And this picture of what she may look like a few years after that. We hung out for a few hours, until Nana's dinner time. Got some nice pictures, I think. Collected a few more memories. Except, on visiting Alzheimer's, one can't help but wonder... the paradox is gloomy.

Anyhow, this is my favourite of the set. My mom has a few last words with her mom as we are leaving... and it looks almost as if my Nana is giving her an understanding look. If an illusion, at least one that I'd like to maintain.

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