Sunday 16 September 2007

Weekend Wandering

Low key weekend, hanging around home. Though Sunday we were out wandering all day. (We've lately discovered the utility of TTC day passes.) Our wandering included Quakers, burritos, Sandro, several libraries, Dominion, 100% tangerine juice, and more...

Towards the end of the day, we ended up in the neighbourhood of a pizza place I'd heard was interesting (from some vague source i can not remember), so we stopped in for a couple of slices and picnicked at a nearby park. The neighbourhood happens to be extremely Jewish, and the pizza place is called "King David's".

Selena waited outside while Istra and I went in. The first odd thing to discover was that of the 6 or so sliced pizzas behind the counter, zero of them had meat on it. Most were very plain pizzas, though most had the interesting embellishment of sesame seed crusts. One pizza however, was an intense pile of what looked like fried mushrooms and zucchini, onions and other veggies (along with green olives). Just to make doubly sure before ordering I asked the guy if that one had any meat on it. He laughed and said: "not only does it not have any meat, it doesn't even have any cheese!"

Okay! Got two slices. And a cheese, tomato, and zucchini slice that Istra chose. Well, the grilled veggies and mushroom pizza was really very, very nice. Probably easily the tastiest non-cheese pizza we've yet had. So there you go.

After eating, Istra and I hit the playground for some fun. Emeth and Selena, I guess, had their own sort of fun... as you can see in these pictures. The fun just never, ever, ever, ever stops.

A final piece of insignificant trivial: on our travels we got Istra some new runners. Her toes barely were fitting into her now-previous ones that had served her so long. You can the new show at the bottom of the big picture above... for those obsessive Istra stalkers here.

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