Wednesday 29 August 2007

Some Biking, at least

I'm off work this week, and we have Selena's mom's car while she is away (and Istra is staying with her Gramma), so we've been attempting to get our bikes to some trails we can't normally easily access. It hasn't worked out worked out extremely well, but we've had some fun and found a few new places anyhow. The main problem is that we've tended to get going much later than planned, and then having to get somewhere else earlier than one would like. Such is life. And have had more wipe outs than planned.

Wipe outs. Yes, Selena had a big one, on a gravel rail trail, only about 4.5 km into our excursion to Paris. It was pretty scary, but luckily the injuries were mostly just scrapes, and a now-squeeky rear bike hub. After a bit of a rest and clean up, we actually continued on... but ran out of time (cursed time!) and had to turn back before the planned destination.

Today we're heading east, to reunite with Istra, and probably explore the waterfront trail from Whitby to Oshawa. My mom was telling me that Istra, who has been with her for (incredibly) nearly 5 days now, had not mentioned Mommy or Poppy really at all (though she did talk to us a couple of times briefly on the phone during this interval). However when Gramma mentioned to her yesterday that Mommy and Poppy might be coming to go bike riding tomorrow apparently she could not stop talking about it all evening, including while trying to be put to bed. "Ista, mommy, poppy, emie, go bike ride, cottage." My mom corrected her that we were going to come there, not go to the cottage. "Go bike ride, Gramma's! Ista, poppy, mommie, emie, bike ride, grammas..." and so on (including references to "the chariot", though she can't quite pronounce that word). Nice to know she likes the bike riding, anyhow.

Click for for more pictures from our adventures... if you so desire...

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