Friday 31 August 2007

More biking, at last...


  1. So, just wondering...since Elena is usually quite sadistic towards your children, do you think you will post a picture of Emeth "not loving...carrots...peas"? Same way you posted of Istra when she was about 9 month? Hehe, haha, hoho...i just love seeing babies not liking their vegetable! Besides, looks like Emeth is always smiling...what a happy baby...he has no idea what the world holds for him (eating carrots) :)

    Do post pictures of him eating something he doesn't like...can't wait to see that face :)
    [posted by: elena]

  2. Emeth has still got around 2 months before even starting to eat food, but I'm sure we'll find something he doesn't like sometime and take full advantage of it for your enjoyment. (:
    [posted by: s]