Monday 27 August 2007

Emeth Alone

While Istra's away (at Gramma's), Emeth will play! We've been having a lot of one-on-one time with our four-month-old since Istra went to visit Gramma for some undetermined amount of time. As you can see, Emeth is having a lot of fun.

We've been having a bit of fun ourselves. Even just hanging around the house and doing nothing is a lot more relaxing without someone relentlessly asking to eat porridge at all hours of the day or dumping her train set out on the living room carpet for the millionth time. All the same, we miss Istra. Emeth, on the other hand, is having too much fun to notice her absence. He may have noticed, however, that he actually gets a turn on the swing these days.

Istra's visit to Gramma coincides with Tim's end-of-summer vacation from work, so we're trying to get as much into this week as we can--a bike odyssey, lots of shopping and restauranting, visit to our long-missed Quaker house and we'll probably finish off the week at the cottage where we will reunite with Istra.

Stay tuned for exciting vacation pictures. Though we may be too busy to post them.

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  1. What a great smile and laugh!! So beautiful :)
    [posted by: M]