Sunday 22 October 2006

St Martins

For one of our first big day trips during our stay in New Brunswick was, of course, to see the Hopewell "flowerpot" rocks. But we didn't get there. At least not that day. We had decided, on Aunty Belle's recommendation, to take a bit of a long way and check out a remote this stretch of road, which branches along the coast from a tiny town called St Martins and simply ends in the middle of nowhere. It was so nice that it took up our whole day.

The "middle of nowhere", in this case, was the location of an "interpretive center" (a sort of small museum and info center). While I was off photographing the surroundings and wondering in ignorance at the things I saw, everyone else was learning that around the place was the ruins of an old logging community built on the mouth of the Salmon river.

The whole stretch of nicely maintained highway-to-nowhere is a sort of park that hugs that stretch of the coast. There are hiking trails and look out points all along it. We stopped for our picnic lunch at the rather amazingly placed picnic table (with a wood shingled roof built over it) you can see in the adjacent picture. (The pink pixel, if you look very, very closely, is Selena' mom! The purple one, if you look even closer would be Istra.)

On the way home, back through St Martins, we stopped at a casual touristy ocean side restaurant for dinner. The restaurant (who's parking lot extended almost up to the fascinating sheer wall of a sedimentary cliff) had a deck which looked out on the ocean and this fantastic red outcropping of rock with a mysterious looking cave entrance in the middle of it.

With some ice cream for the road, we headed back to our lighthouse. Not a bad day at all.

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