Wednesday 11 October 2006

New Reflections

I think the fact that Selena, for dinner tonight, made spaghetti with a "sauce" of frozen peas, peanut butter, onions, and apples, signals loud and clear that it can't be hidden much longer... move over Istra, number two is on the way!

"It's just something I made up out of my head," she says. Uh huh. (Actually, it was surprisingly not that bad!)

It was the occasion of Thanksgiving weekend two years ago that we dramatically (and confusingly, not to mention stutteringly) announced the impending (but far from named) Istra. We wanted to do the same this year, so we've been keeping quiet about this development for several months now. But somehow both of the anticipated Thanksgiving dinners (in Orillia, then the next day in Port Severn) just didn't work out announcement-wise. It's hard to explain; but it left us in a bit of a desperate situation. I ended up confessing to Sandro Sunday night, whilst hanging out alone with him around a small chilly camp fire. The next day Anne was informed by me blurting it through the window of their car as they drove off. Finally, fortuitously, much of Selena's closest family happened to stop by the cottage, as they were out doing a "Studio Tour" in the area... though it wasn't until they were heading to their car that Selena's mom casually reminisced that it was on Thanksgiving two years ago we announced Selena's pregnancy. With that Selena simply said: "And we we've been trying all weekend to announce I'm pregnant again, too!"

Aunty Belle didn't quite hear what she said. Gran was a bit confused by the phrasing. But soon it was clear enough to all. Except Selena had to rush to phone her sister as soon as we got home, before everyone else spilled it there.

Who knows, old hands that we are now, we may even be able to manage to name this one before it's a month old...

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