Thursday 19 October 2006

Lead me not into temptation

So Selena finally returned all of the library books we'd gotten out for Istra to entertain her in the car during our trip out east. There were fines. And one book lost that had to be paid for.

But listen to this. The librarian says to Selena that she should consider getting Istra her own library card. Why? So she wouldn't have her reputation besmirched by loose association with fines accrued by her irresponsible book hording parents? No. The librarian helpfully explained that the fines for overdue books on children's library cards are much less than that of adult cards.

So there you go! Librarians pushing cards on children with promises lower fines! Oh, sure, they lure you in with the sweet, nice, cute, convenient, seductive lower fines, knowing full well that when hooked that one day you'll be paying for it fully in a lifetime of adult fines! Mercilessly, it seems they don't even spare barely toddling babies from inveiglement in their pernicious designs! (Designs which no doubt culminate in barely readable ramblings which include such words as inveigle---or creative manglings thereupon---and pernicious... argh!)

Yes, you do indeed notice a lot as a parent you weren't previously aware of. Unbelievable.

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