Sunday 24 September 2006

Day Two Miscellany (At long last)

And so at long last, light. And there we were in a little cottage, by a lighthouse, on a rock. The phrase "craggy island" came to us a few times, in various contexts, though our (not entirely stoney) point was firmly affixed to the land by a windy one-lane road.

I'm afraid a lot of the pictures in this set will be pretty boring for most (even more than the last set). Exploring the new environment: lots of rocks, a few wildflowers,

seaweed, seagulls, and so on. The first day was quite overcast so the light wasn't even very good. The rocks however, were very interesting (to me). The gulls were more various, and some of them much, much larger, than our Ontario varieties. The birds in the picture here at one point nicely posed side-by-side for comparison. All of the birds on the east coast also seemed far more skittish than the ones here: it was extremely hard to get anywhere near them without them noticing from quite a distance and flying off still further.

Istra showed her joyeous appreciation for the package of glittering kitty stickers given to her by her grandma by sticking said kitty stickers on said grandma's nose. And clothes. And pillows. And generally she stuck those stickers everywhere. All week. Even when they barely stuck anymore. Kitty! Mow! She really liked that.

Selena , intrepid explorer, saved this stranded starfish. We used an old scallop shell to try to make a wave barrier to keep the starfish from being washed back up. It may have worked. This particular beach was littered with washed up shrimp. It was only a very small beach, but there were thousands of them.

Despite her pragmatic wardrobe, managed to still attract new friends, as seen here. Well, maybe not so much attract as be accosted by! And maybe not so much friends exactly, but little glowing green mutants from unknown quadrants. But I guess she's used to that by now, having married me and all.

This is what I think we planned to do a lot more of. But we somehow never had time for it. Strange, the way that works.

But anyhow, look at this.

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