Thursday 14 September 2006

Heading East (In the past)

We've been back now since Sunday, but apparently too busy to post anything. So, anyhow, for anyone with a lot of patience, here's 191 pictures on 13 pages of just the first two day of our trip. Whee! And here's a quick run down on what you'll see, if you want to badly enough.

We start with nothing less than a tour of Aunty Belle's bathroom! Aunty Belle is chiefly responsible for this whole Out-East-Lighthouse trip thing. And her bathroom inspires it!

Next up is the exciting adventure of packing the car. The car in question is a fair sized minivan, yet somehow when we got all of the luggage the question started to loom somewhat ominously: where do the people fit? And the answer to that question turned out to be just barely. Selena and I and Istra spent several fun filled days hip-to-hip in the back seat. Well, hip-to-hip-to-car-seat. Even so, we all managed to somehow fall asleep back there within a few minutes of departure.

We stopped at a picnic area somewhere before Québec for some picnic. Highlights of this stop included a chipmunk, and Istra doing a happy pee dance between her potty and the place on the ground where she peed which was not her potty. Normally I'm not an big pusher of naked baby pictures, but it's not my fault if the baby turns out to be so irresistibly funny without pants! So yes, I'm blaming her.

At the Québec boarder, apparently Selena snapped and tried to drop Istra into the poubelle. I think it might have been tie-dye envy, or something. Myself, I finally snapped at being stuck in the backseat without even windows that go down and thus unable to take unobstructed photos of passing phenomenon, and started snapping through the window. A few interesting French landscape innovations were captured without hopefully too much lasting harm done.

There's no getting around it, the first bed and breakfast we stayed at was a manor. It was called one, even. (Check out my cozy little laptop alcove! What else would it be?) We got there late, but just in time to get a bite at a cute little place right across the river from Québec City, which was all lit up. Nice. Istra didn't care. She discovered the joys of taking those little butter packets and doing what one does with butter: studiously and resolutely rubbling it all over one's head. What else is it for? We tried and tried to stop her but we couldn't... because it was just too funny! So we took pictures instead. The staff laughed too, and didn't even charge us for the possibly hundreds of dollars worth of stuff Istra insisted on massaging into her scalp.

There were three cats, a bird named Sam, a fantastic breakfast spread, and lot of other things, but we all too soon had to hit the road again. More rocks and sky out the window, and playing around in the back seat, for a little while.

Okay, maybe ever so slightly more than a little while. But finally we made it! Yay! It was getting dark, but there would be the next day....

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