Friday 31 March 2006

Live to suck... (...suck to live)

After being chastised by Elena, Selena and I have decided perhaps she is right and, instead of being the square, wet blanket, fuddy-duddy, parentals that we are, we maybe should be at least trying to be supportive in Istra's inevitable rise to rock stardom. To that end, and having heard somewhere that retro is the explosive, we've got her her very own hookah, so she can start practicing smoking the good stuff. (See pictures.)

When the weather gets nicer we'll probably take her out to get her started on tatoos. Maybe some sort of heart with barbed wire around it and flames. Maybe a giraffe with barbed wire around it and flames. Not sure.

Thanks, Elena! Thanks for encouraging us improve our attitude and to do the right thing.

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