Sunday 9 April 2006

Recovering random corners

I've been sick again, Selena's been sick, again. Istra? Istra's been just fine, again. Here she is scuttling around the bedroom, checking out the view. Actually she was more interested in the curtains than the view. (These pictures are from the same day as the hookah ones posted previously. That was actually the tube from Selena's "pump-in-style" that Istra was sucking on... in vain.)

Selena was musing again today about all of her pre-natal delusional ideas. Specifically, this time, she was laughing at herself for her image of the baby wanting to cuddle cuddle all the time, and it would be so cute that way. Ha ha. Here's a picture of Istra trying to gouge out Mommy's eyes! Another of her falling on her head (and one of her quietly commenting, "OW MY FLIPPING HEAD!!!! AWW!!!!!"). Another of her throwing boots. Whee.

Spit happens. But of course, as you know, there are occasionally moments of cuteness. Like while she is doing all of the wacky things above. And besides, Selena's eyes will grow back, in time...

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