Tuesday 28 March 2006

a glass for an eye

This is a picture of a now nearly unimaginably younger Istra (7 months old! A lifetime ago!) doing what Istra does. Grab stuff. And glasses especially. They are so interesting and gleaming, and right on your face looking at her. In this picture, from Christmas, she is snagging her Great Uncle Ken's specs. She is the master. She fixes you with her googly eyes, and then... ***swipe*** ...she's got your glasses before you know what happened. Poor Uncle Ken hadn't a chance. You'd think I'd fare better, having to defend corrective lenses daily... but she still somehow manages to snag them fairly regularly.

Yesterday morning however she was up to something new. I was sleeping, and suddenly there's this poking in my eye. My eyes blink open, and there's Istra on the bed in front of my face, inches away. She'd somehow found my glasses, not on my face, and was, looking very serious, attempting to put them on my face... argh! close eyes again, quick! Poke! Poke! Help!

She wasn't doing very well. But I still have vision in both sockets, so it wasn't too bad. It was pretty cute actually.

(Back in November, even more of a newbie that I was, I thought I could simply grab my glasses back from Istra when she'd grabbed them. Ha. Snap went the arm of the glasses in her iron baby grip. I attempted to repair. This was the result of my first attempt. Doh! ... And the second attempt looked even worse!)

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