Sunday 26 March 2006

Sunny lunch with drums and shades

We somewhat unexpectedly met up with Anne and Heather downtown today. We decided to go get some brunch together. As usual the place Anne had thought of introducing us to was jam-packed. The places she likes become just too popular, it seems! We (Selena, Istra, and I) were headed ultimately to the Habourfront Centre, so we walked in what I thought was that direction looking for an alternative. So after tracing a slightly out-of-the-way path, giving a pass to the few places we saw, we were getting desperate. We ended up walking eastward past the Harbourfront Centre (at least having found it), and into a small touristy mall just beside it which boasted restaurants on its sign. I didn't have high hopes. There were a few apparently pricey looking places in there, including a Chinese place called "Pearl" which had a long line of older well dressed folks. Beside it however was a delightfully-devoid-of-people mall "food court", with two (of the total of three) establishments open. And (thanks to Anne) we even scored a table at the window overlooking the lake. All agreed, it turned out rather nice for the price.

Anne and Heather had their eyes on the eggs (and possibly sausages for Heather) at the grill-sort-of-place. Selena and I went for separate varieties of soba noodles at the "traditional Japanese food court" place, Edo Japan. I had a noodle bowl (soup). Selena had the Yakisoba (fried noodles with tofu). Heather and Anne eventually abandoned the grill and came over for noodles, too.

Istra, clamped securely to the table, action (as you can dramatically see) ensued.

A bit too much action maybe, as we were late for the concert at the Harbourfront Centre. We abandoned Heather and Anne to their fate (and their noodles), and strolled across the courtyard seeking out the direction of the invitingly thumping rhythms.

We saw some of these performers 2 years ago at the Vegetarian Food Fair. Selena heard they were having a free show today, so down we went. It turns out (Selena had neglected to look up the show details beforehand) that it was a kids' show. Now it suddenly made sense why Selena had heard about it on one of her mommy message boards. It was packed with kids and parents. It was standing room only when we got there, and the standing room was outside. (Click the pics to get an idea of more of what it was like, if you desire.) Still, the drums, when they get going, need not be near to be effective. And it was a nice day. Afterwards we (Selena and I! Istra got another sort of milk...) got free chocolate milk from the show's sponsor, and bought a CD (since we were up a couple of chocolate milks in the deal). The players had a question and answer session with the kids at the end, in which we were enlightened by the answers to such penetrating questions as: "Why do you do this?" Apparently they like doing it. So, all's good!

Istra, cruising in her chauffeur driven stroller, showed off her new shades. The adoring public were, of course, mercilessly stunned by cuteness. No more need be said (such as "click pics for more").

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