Tuesday 12 April 2005

Good For the Ego

Well, I got the first bit of bad news yesterday concerning grad school. The English Department at U of T rejected my application. When I asked why I got a sort of non-answer that came to me entirely too quickly to be a thoughtful consideration of my specific application. In other words, it seemed like a form letter. I find this more insulting than the actual rejection, but I'm not going to press them on the issue because judging by my correspondence with U of T so far, it would probably turn out to be more of a hassle for me than anything.

I still haven't received the package that the Comparative Literature department said they sent last week on Monday. I emailed them about it and am being ignored.

York, on the other hand, continues to be helpful. They keep extending my response deadline, but I really don't want to push this too far. The Graduate Administrator answers my questions through email practically instantly and I've continued to get help from Dr. Swiss on who would be a good supervisor for me. I've gotten two names from her and hopefully one of them will work out if I end up at York. Due to all the correspondence I've had with people from York, I've got a pretty good idea of what completing my MA there will be like; by contrast I have basically no idea what U of T will require of me. Needlesstosay, I currently just want to accept York's offer and be done with it.

In other news, yesterday was my last day for this school year, finished off quite nicely with my Milton exam, which was actually pleasant to write. I dropped it off for Dr. Swiss this morning and have spent the day here at the apartment sort of cleaning up and tackling the last few boxes that we haven't unpacked yet. I also planted some basil and swiss chard which I hope will grow nicely in the blazing hot morning sunshine. I'm waiting to get some new planter boxes before I plant the rocket salad. I'm thinking of also planting some flowers in a few of those boxes you hang over the balcony. It will be so nice to sit out there in the summer with flowers all around and a little sleepy baby.

Tim and I are heading to another midwife appointment tomorrow and then we're going out for a celebratory lunch at a vegetarian restaurant called "Hey, Good Cookin'!" which is near the clinic, celebrating the end of the school year! Yay!

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