Friday 8 April 2005


It has come to my attention that I may have phrased things indelicately in the previous post. But it's true!

The big laminated pictures they showed us at the first class, side by side, were really striking to compare. One might even say startling, if one were indelicate. Everyone knows that things move around in there, while the thing grows... but to actually see before and 8.5 month cross sections side by side....

I went looking to see if i could find any such images on the net. Below is as close as I could come. These photos of models are nowhere near as detailed (or large) as the pictures at the class. But you may get the idea.

Where'd all the stuff go! You know, the stuff that allows you to live and stuff!

As for this week's class: i was commenting to Selena on the way home that they should show that slideshow to teens in school to sober them up about certain topics. The second half of the class was a slideshow of actual births done by the Midwives Collective. While there was nothing wrong with the pictures, they were certainly... um, not entirely as glamorous as one might imagine.

The only other thing that must be mentioned is the hippie-guy's cookies. Everyone is signed up to bring snacks every week. Among the goodies this week was a bowl of cookies... which were truly fabulous. Turns out the hippie-guy made them. I overheard him tell another guy that he doesn't really have a recipe, but just throws stuff in, and 50% of the time it works out and 50% of the time it doesn't. Well, it did this time. They were some sort of concoction of oats and sesame seeds, with the odd raisin... (and as I was telling Mike, there's no need for anyone to add any jokes about other possible hippie ingredients. Thanks.)

Hippie guy's name is Lucas. But hippie guy sounds more picturesque, so lets stick with that. No doubt he refers to me as Retarded Guy on his web log. All's good.

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