Friday 19 November 2004

Soup's on (But isn't it *supposed* to be in?)

Well, Selena and I are off to Orilia for the weekend.

I seem to be coming across a lot of pictures of infants oozing all sorts of interesting colours the last few days. Unfortunately i can't find the horrific gobs of spinach that I saw burbling from a child on usefilm the other day, to share with you. The kid here is some friend or relation of Ken's---I found it on his sister's site, actually.

These pictures are frightening! They hold a certain foreboding for us now! Good grief. God, help us.

Yet this one... while being repulsed, I also can't help but being caught up in the sheer joy of it. Soup, man! Soup!!! Ah, i haven't been that excited about soup in a while. Not even the sensational Tom Kha Kai (coconut chicken soup) at the peerless Real Thailand Restaurant excited me that much. Alas. Maybe I just don't eat it right.

Soup!! Oh, sing to me, Soup! Come play with me, Soup!

Soup is your friend.

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