Sunday 28 November 2004

Don't Call Him Beardy (But do add his name to all your web sites)

This is Brad. I know him from way back... didn't see him for a long time. But, well, there he is. He dropped last year (i think) for a visit (was that when we went watch shopping?); and now we've seen him twice this year. Is it my imagination, or does he get even bigger every time we see him?

He's a welder. Underwater work is his speciality. He's been all over the world fusing bits of metal to other bits of metal under all sorts of seas. He's getting the itch to sally forth again, so he's making the rounds seeing his friends before one of these days he ups and leaves for lands unknown for many, many months.

A few more details about Brad, so you can get to know him. He has been known to say "whee". Orange juice makes him happy. Waking up tends to make him happy. Saying "whee" makes him happy. He refuses to leave unless given a glass of soy milk (preferably Selena's home-made stuff... which seems to make him happy).

Oh, and he writes poetry also. Sometimes about cheeseburgers. Sometimes about children. Sometimes both. It makes him happy. It makes him happier than a child with a cheeseburger. It makes him maybe even happier than himself with a cheeseburger. Maybe.

But ah, speaking of Selena! Tomorrow she goes for ultrasound. Stay tuned.

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