Tuesday 16 November 2004

No Ultrasound... (But something almost as good!)

I know I led everyone to believe that I would have my first ultrasound today--but as it turns out, I was mistaken! Apparently I will have the ultrasound within the next two weeks; so we're all just going to have to hold our horses.

What did happen today? Well, Tim and I got up nice and early to go to the appointment. We were running a little bit late so we took the subway instead of walking, and when we got there I found out that Elizabeth (my midwife) wasn't there! She was at home--sleeping! Now, don't get all huffy with her, because it's actually my fault. I forgot that an appointment with a midwife is not like an appointment with a doctor. Midwives are on call 24 hours a day; and as it turns out, Elizabeth had been at a birth all night, so all her appointments before 4pm were cancelled. But don't fret, since Tim and I were at the clinic nice and early, I got the first choice to reschedule and we did get a spot for today.

So at 4:45pm we got there for our real appointment. I thought I would get the ultrasound today, but as it turns out it was mostly just a Q&A session. Elizabeth asking Tim and me (mostly me) about our health histories and how I'm doing so far. I don't mind that sort of thing; I like how it seems like Elizabeth really cares about what's going on... that everything that is going on in my life is important (ok, maybe not everything, but a lot of things).

And the highlight of the appointment... Tim and I got to hear the heartbeat! It was a bit touch and go; Elizabeth didn't think she would be able to find it at first--she actually kept hearing my pulse; but eventually a little sound like a tiny train came up on the doppler, beating at between 160 and 170 beats per minute. Apparently this is a very normal heart rate for this early in the pregnancy.

So there you go--it's real. I'm not feeling terrible for no reason; there actually is a real live person in there.

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