Friday 12 November 2004

Apts and Naps (Practicing for not sleeping)

Selena and I have apparently been extremely busy.

She, however, managed to call around to many of the apartments we'd taken down numbers for in the neighborhood we'd been favouring. We found out that apartments there are a bit more expensive than what we were looking for. They range from our upper limit of consideration to way beyond us at this point. This was a bit disheartening.

It limits our options, but we're still considering maybe one or two in that area, as well as looking at other areas now.

Many considerations to weigh. For example we found a cheaper and larger apartment in the west end. It's clearly a better apartment for the money... if the living space is all one considers. However, it's not great for transportation, and the neighbourhood surrounding could be a bit dodgy (we're not quite sure exactly from the map, though we know the general location).

It seems to me in our research so far you basically do get what you pay for. All the apartments are around the same price per square foot (do they have a book or something?) ... so it comes down to the "quality" of the neighbourhood and convenience of location and how much one is prepared to pay for these things. Unless one gets really, really lucky and stumbles onto something very unusual... maybe.

Selena is scheduled for her first official checkup with the midwife on Tuesday. She will be getting an ultrasound to see what's going on in there. And whatever else.

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