Thursday 27 August 2015

Eastward Ho

So we did it. Three adults, two kids, and a greyhound. Two cars. A long road. Our pilgrimage to Aunty Belle's belovèd lighthouse embarked. And on the evening of the very next day, at the Atlantic ocean's side, joining with two more of the clan, and another greyhound. That I am writing this indicates success! Survival! More than survival. Pictures!

There wasn't a lot of time for pictures on the epic dive, so the few I have (this link leads to them all) makes it seem like the journey was a hop, a skip and a jump. In fact there were many, many hops and skips and jumps. And a few other things besides.

Above can be witnessed the "party car" of our little caravan arriving at Green's Point, shortly before sunset. Below can be seen our mascot making one of many new friends she met along the way.

Stay tuned for more of this adventure. For now, I will leave you at our seaside dinner picnic. With the high tide.

(Grammie brought the sriracha! Hurrah!)

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