Saturday 22 June 2013

Solful and Swavy

So Istra was introduced to Scrabble tonight. Just her and Mamma (as she wrote on the score paper) played. I helped, and generally made a nuisance of myself. At one point in the game, Mamma was stuck again, so I helpfully suggested she put her S in front of WAVY. I was informed that thatdoesn't make a word. Yes, I agreed, it doesn't... but it SHOULD! Surely, I agrued, "swavy" should be a word. It's an awesome sounding word. It would be, in short, a truly swavy word!

Istra agreed. And, believe it or not, even Mamma did not deny it. In fact she suggested to Istra that she should start using the word with her friends, and then her friends will start using it, and their friends... and we'll have invented the swaviest word ever invented. Istra again agreed! She was up for it.

Later, Mamma lamented that there was no place she could put down all her letters, because they --- she turned her holder to show us --- spelled: NURSEEZ. And surely if swavy should be a word, than so should nurseez. I suggested that maybe words could even go together, and you could then have swavy nurseez.

Istra thought this was just great. She demanded a piece of paper to write down all the words we are making up. She also said that she now wanted to make one up too. A bit later she came to us to tell us the word she had made up. It sounded like she was saying, "soulful". Soulful, Istra? She showed us the written down version. It said: "solful'. Ah, okay, solful it is.

After the kids had gone to bed, I found the paper Istra had written the new words on, and saw that she had put definitions beside them. I read:
swavy = beautiful
nurseez = caring lady
solful = sunny
Sunny! I had to admit, that was indeed a much more brilliant new word that I had thought.

Anyhow, in other realms, we were at the paddling again today.... on the map below it looks like we paddled right up onto the land... but I assure you our craft were not airborne, nor earthbound. Though we did portage across a little road at one point rather than try to squeeze through a culvert. The kids' first portage. Another adventure...

Exploring the Wildwood ways... (click for bigger map & pics)

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