Saturday 4 May 2013

Skater Em & Dandy Istra

Can't keep the kid off his board! We'll still have to get him those pads sometime...

(Attention family! Note the knees! No scrapes!)

[P.S. While I was putting the video together I was showing it to Eme and on a clip preview which had the first fall looping... Eme thought it was hilarious... so we put it into the completed video. That's why it's there.]


  1. Errr....just's going to be more difficult to get Eme into the helmet and wrist guards when he has experienced all that freedom.wheeee! could blame it on first!

  2. Great Job Eme! Looks like you are conquering that skateboard and having fun in the process!
    ...and Istra you look like a purple fairy from the woods! (with all those beautiful flowers in your hair).