Monday 6 May 2013

Emeth's first video (Poppy's been demoted)

So apparently Emeth, at 6 years old, had some creative issues with the video of him skateboarding that I last posted. Too much Istra, among other complaints. He asked me how "hard" it is to make a video. When I told him it's not too hard for the basic stuff, just a bit tedious, he said: "Okay, I'll make my own video". He hauled me outside to shoot all new footage at his (whispered) direction (though strangely now not complaining about Istra being around). He also had been saying he was going to do some "falling off, on purpose".. because that's the main part he liked in my video... but this also seemed to be forgotten once we got outside. And I didn't remind him. I didn't want to interrupt his creative process. Then we came in and I gave him a quick basic instruction on how to use the kdenlive video editor. And an hour later, his first video edit is done. He then ordered me to upload it to youtube.

Next time he'll forbid me from writing the description, no doubt..

Previously, after asking me how hard it was to make a video, he also inquired as to how hard it is "to put fake video in a video". I finally figured out what he was asking about was how to put (specifically) minecraft computer animation into a live action video. (He probably had in mind something like this.) I said that this would be a little more complicated. And by a little, I meant a lot. So, his (apparent) plans for digitally replacing himself on the skateboard with a minecraft character were dropped.... for now.

Also, I can't at all explain the sudden skipping.

Or the green.

(The one alternation I did make in the above video is the slight censorship of Istra at one point -- lest Em be arrested for posting this. Speaking of Istra, yes, I had advised Istra to wash her face... but oh no, that was just apparently another example of clueless oppression of free artistic expression from old Pops.)

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  1. i liked your video! It was kind of you to let your sister in it. I saw that you still don't have your pads or helmet. Please be very,very careful
    love you AB