Wednesday 19 October 2011

Belated first school day

In (apparently) moving our family web log over to this new service, and tediously going through and fixing all the broken graphics, I noticed the previous years' first-day-of-school pictures and suddenly relealised I had not posted this year's. I did email it around a bit (I seem to recall), but it should be here with the rest!

This is a slightly momentous "first day", in that it is the first first day for both Istra and Eme. A big step up to grade one for Istra, and a big step to junior kindergarten for Eme.

2011 - Junior Kindergarten and Grade One
2010 - Senior Kindergarten
2009 - Junior Kindergarten
Bonus Pic:
19??- Mommy's First Day!

P.S. What began and an exploratory experiment seems to have led rather rapidly to me moving the entire family web log over to this new site (though I have not yet made the old web address point here). The possibly good news for some is that comments are possible again at long last!

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