Sunday 11 April 2010

Istra, being Istra

So... we arrive around noon in Port Severn, April 2, and open the car doors and are met by... heat. It really was incredibly warm. The forecasts had said it would be, but still we were unprepared for the reality of how really hot it was.On April 2. Normally we don't even go up north until near the end of May, and it's usually still chilly then. So what I'm really just trying to say here is: don't worry about Istra, Istra knows how to take care of her self. Believe me, there was no way for me to get her to keep her clothes on! I tried! Mommy and Gramma had gone to get water. This is what they came back to....

More pictures of the weekend are available by clicking crazy Istra (and ignoring the superfluity of buddy bike shots).

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