Monday 2 February 2009

The utter terror of a slightly running nose

We're good! After many weeks of struggle, everyone is pretty much healthy again. You don't need to know the diarrhea and vomit filled details. And surprisingly, it wasn't even all that relaxing and peaceful around here as one might have thought, while Istra barely moved from the couch, sleeping nearly all day every day for nearly three days. Oh well. We're good now. (Besides my broken foot, but that's another story.)

We even went out to the playground to play yesterday. Strangely, no other kids out. They must all be sick. Or wimps.

Today, at some point, Emeth had a very slightly runny nose. Selena and I looked at each other in terror. No, Emeth, no!!! You are absolutely forbidden from getting sick again!!!!!! Absolutely forbidden.


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