Saturday 7 February 2009

Emeth, our cute little vector

Tim in the shadowsSo, the nose did not stop running. It ran onto Istra, who's nose started running. It ran onto mommy, who's head nearly exploded. And finally it ran into me, too stuffed up to sleep. Sigh!

Speaking of Emeth though, perhaps he is trying to make it up to us. He peed on the potty for the first time a few days ago. It seems it was more of an accident than an intentional act, he hasn't done it since, but we'll happily take whatever we can get in that area!

Speaking of Emeth speaking: he still refuses! Apparently he has better things to do. Well, the only two words he uses regularly are "car" (kaw), and "hot" (haw). Oh, and i guess maybe "ball" (baw).

The radiators in our apartment run along the base of the walls. They are fairly big. In the bedroom our window reaches almost to the floor. It has a wide sill just above the radiator. Emeth often goes to lean on the sill to look out. He often has nothing on when he does this. When he does this his penis often rests on the radiator. Selena reports that after a while he will return from that pointing at his own crotch and proclaiming "hot! hot! hot!" (haw! haw! haw!).

In Istra-land, Istra and mommy had a frank conversation the other day about where broccoli comes from. Istra patiently listened as mommy explained how the farmer grows it, then picks it, then trucks take it to the store where we buy it. Three and three-quarters year old Istra, however, suddenly proclaimed that "NO! THAT IS NOT HOW THE WORLD WORKS! GOD PICKS THE BROCCOLI AND TAKES IT TO THE STORE!" (I didn't personally hear this conversation, but there is no doubt in my mind Istra did indeed speak in all caps.) Where does she get this stuff? We know not. But her faith is not weak, that is for darn-diddly-darn sure.

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