Tuesday 16 December 2008

Mega, Mega Milestone

Emeth, sampling a treat that mommy gave him.
"Why doesn't this thing work??!! Why????! WHY??!!!!!" inquires Istra with her usual calm inquisitiveness. "WHYYYYYYY!!!!!!".
For days now I have been trying to set aside the time to share the news of this fantastic moment that occurred over the past weekend. Now, astonishingly, I can't even remember which day it was, let alone the hour, minute or second of that day. It's a bit depressing, because you'd think my memory would be more sharp on this sort of event. I guess I am getting old. But nevertheless, before i forget completely, I must record the essential fact.

Emeth, at just over one and a half years old, has made some significant progress as a human being already. He can can feed himself. He can walk. He can also run, and even dance. He can clap his hands (sort of). He has been leafing through a book or three. This is all well and good, but last weekend he was standing as he often does like a prisoner at the kitchen baby gate (the kitchen being freedom, and all the rest of the world a cell), and he looked up and saw me retrieving a certain Bowl from a shelf, and he pointed up as I did, and looked at me and said.... "Pop Corn"! I am serious, i would not make something like this up. My boy, who just barely in the last few weeks has started acquiring a few vaguly formed monosyllables such as "aug" (dog) and "uhhs" (bus), suddenly says (are you ready for this?): "pop corn". And he repeats it! This is the greatest moment of my life. This is it.

Oh sure, his pronunciation isn't entirely up to the Queen's righteous standard yet; it did sound a little more like "off horn", but well... you figure it out. Well, no wait, you don't have to figure it out. I've told you. It's God's honest truth! It is true. It is truly awesome.

Popcorn, indeed. That's my boy!

Now, before I leave I don't want to neglect Istra, who is also advancing in her own peculiar... ah, i mean... interesting way. For example, the day after whatever day the above glorious event took place, I was in the bedroom, and I saw Istra standing half twisted around in front of the full length mirror behind the door. She then announced into the mirror: "Hello Bum! How are you to day?"

Yes, we're all making progress here. As for me, well... I currently have bicycles hanging on my dining room wall. Fantastic, isn't it! I hate to brag about this stuff too much. Normally I'm so much lower key, as you know. But sometimes... sometimes, you just have to cut loose for a moment.

I'm sure you understand.

Tim, on a special occasion, with a few friends get his back and everything.

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