Sunday 27 July 2008

ladies with beards

Looks like the time got away on us again. I have loads and loads of pics from our adventures... which someday may get reported here. But for now, since i'm supposed to have been in bed hours ago (and it's Selena and my wedding anniversary tomorrow... 115th, i think?), I'll leave you just with two updates from the Istra art gallery.

You'll have to forgive me if it's a little over the top posting not just one's kid's boring attempts at "art", but a mere attempt at colouring in by a 3 year old. But I saw this on the fridge today and it struck me as really bizarre. What are those splotches she felt she ad to add to the floor?? And what is the ghostly form she felt the need to seemingly draw in with the elephant for company?? Why is there a scratchy "F" shape beside the bathtub? And why one red bubble at the top? Am i crazy? This stuff is freaky, isn't it? Whether I'm crazy or not, I mean.

Here was have what Istra tells me is "Lady with beards" (she always uses the plural with "beard"). I tried to explain to her that ladies generally do not have beards, but she assured me that this one does... and pointed to the interestingly placed patch of scribble as proof. Okay. I probably shouldn't go on, so i guess i won't. Except to say that Istra also draws "ladies" and boys with other gender distinguishing features as well... many of which look rather similar... but as I said, I'm not going to go on.

The above picture was drawn by Istra while sitting on my lap in my office, whilst listening to a live Jeff Buckley recording... of whom she said, "i like this sound". Then ordered me to turn it off (which I didn't). Basically we were having a lot of fun.

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