Saturday 7 June 2008

Wytchwood Market

There is another new farmer's market in Toronto this year. It turns out to be just a few blocks from our old apartment in the Vaughan/St Clair area. Which is not too terribly far from where we are now. We hitched up the bike today to go check it out. (As usual, click the picture to see more pictures.)

The actual intended location for this market is currently under construction/renovation, so it they just set up on the lawn of a large church right on on St Clair (St Matthew's United, if i recall correctly). It was a fairly small market. It is early in the year. But despite this the people there apparently had a wide variety of things to offer: eggs, honey, rhubarb, wool, fresh milled flours of various kinds, mushrooms, breads, and more. A mandolin and banjo was played.

Afterwards we went to a park we know of nearby, intending to let the kids splash in the wading pool there. Turns out the water has not yet been turned on for that pool. So the kids just got filthy dirty playing in the sand instead. Wheeee. We eventually rode home through the cedarvale ravine. Baths and much washing up was required.

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