Monday 9 June 2008

A little oasis

I will apologize right off the bat for not having any pictures to document our adventures this Monday. I forgot the camera in the rush to get out of the house this morning.

Admittedly, the rush was not quite as rushed as usual. Istra was so excited to go that she (hardly touching her breakfast) went and sat in the stroller while I flew around the apartment collecting water bottles, lunches, diapers, hats, sunscreen.

By 9am this morning Istra was ready to head out to the Island on her first amusement park adventure.

Istra's initiation into the world of amusement park rides was made easy by a park attendant who lifted her up into the Happy Bee, telling her not to worry, that the bee was friendly. I wish I had a picture of her little face up there in there air: she frowned throughout the whole ride--not quite sure she liked it, lightly confused, maybe having a bit of fun. She did want to do the Happy Bee again, so it must have been okay. She also went on a Swan-boat ride and a log-ride complete with a big splash at the end (though this one she did not do by herself, but with her friends Nada and Max).

Eme was too young for almost everything at Centreville, though he was highly amused by chasing the white geese at Far Enough Farm, which the geese did not find amusing at all. I would have thought that Black Cat had already taught Eme the sound of displeasure, but apparently those lessons are largely ignored.

Despite angry geese, sunburn (mine, not the kids; and yes, I did have sunscreen on--SPF 45, twice applied) and an eventually tired Istra, we had a very pleasant time on the island, once again. On our way in this morning I saw a sign for the Island bike rental place and I'm already planning my next trip--maybe with Tim, maybe sans kids?

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