Monday 23 June 2008

Ash Bridges and Don Valleys

yes, it looks just like a beach!This weekend we headed out for yet another bike odyssey. After a late and unfortunate beginning, we rode from our apartment to Toronto Monthly Meeting, taking a route which Tim uses almost every day on his way to work.

The popler trees were poofingAfter Meeting, we started our odyssey in earnest. Downtown Toronto was hellish, but the kids fell asleep, so they didn't notice as we dismounted and walked the bikes and trailer through vehicular and pedestrian traffic down to the waterfront.

we made many friends along the way... or at least Istra didFrom there it was smooth sailing—38 kilometres worth. Once you get to the waterfront, so much of Toronto opens up. We rode to the beaches and then back up the Don Valley, taking note of all the landmarks we passed: Riverdale Farm, the Brickworks. After much uphill riding, we were back on our familiar Beltline Trail and were shortly home.

All this for those who are faint of heart, or perhaps just pressed for time, and cannot, therefore, view our ride in detail courtesy of Tim and Bikely. Tim's notes are much more interesting than this filler-text. Click the pictures for more of kids cavorting, as usual.

don valley trail, ashbridges bay park

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